Emergency Operations Plan

The City of Wimberley recognizes the importance of preparedness and its impact on responding to an emergency. The City cannot predict exactly when and where an incident is going to happen. This unpredictability means that all city staff and elected officials must be prepared to respond to an incident efficiently and effectively. Through its emergency management program, and collaboration with other public and private partners, the City strives to maintain the highest level of preparedness and capacity to effectively respond to disasters and other emergencies. The City emergency management program is comprehensive, multi-hazard, and embraces local, state, and federal standards as well as proven practices including all phases of emergency management.

This plan is known as the City of Wimberley Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The plan and its support documents will provide a framework that outlines the City’s intended approach to managing emergencies and disasters of all types and should be regarded as guidelines rather than performance guarantees. The City’s planning process is supported by collaboration, training, and exercise. This plan is designed to allow for integration with local, state, and federal emergency management and continuity of operations plans. The City EOP and related documents will be reviewed at least annually by the City Administrator.