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Application for Appointment to Commission/Board/Committee

  1. I reside:
  2. I am a registered voter in:
  3. Do you or your employer have any business or other dealings with the City of Wimberley, which might present a conflict of interest?
  4. Are you committed to devote the necessary amount of time to service on this Commission/’Board/Committee and to attend all regularly scheduled meetings?
  5. Would you consider serving on a different Commission/Board/Committee?
  6. Describe any qualifications, expertise, credentials, or special interests that relate to your possible appointment. If you are not responding to a specific advertisement, please indicate the Commission/Board/Committee that you would prefer to serve on.

  7. Note:

    Your application will be kept on file for 12 months and maintained under the Texas Open Records Act as public information. It is recommended that you submit a letter of interest and a brief resume with your application. Please submit any information to the City Secretary via email or at the City of Wimberley Administration Office, located at: 221 Stillwater Wimberley, TX 78676

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