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Oak Park & Welcome Center

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Adjacent to Wimberley Square at 109 Oak Drive, the complex has been named “Oak Park and Welcome Center” by City Council and is designed to be a landing space for visitors and locals. 

The two restroom buildings contain a total of eight stalls – four women’s, two men’s, and one “family.” They are joined by a traditional Texas dog-run design element.  Six ADA parking spaces are connected to Wimberley Square itself with compliant sidewalks. An additional 130-plus parking spaces make up this key addition to Wimberley’s downtown. 

Oak Park, designed and maintained by Wimberley’s Parks & Recreation Department, is a community gathering space that features high-quality artificial turf and includes bistro-style seating and several outdoor games.

The site features metal landscape planters planted with drought-tolerant cactus sponsored by Kevin Fowler, Flying C Cattle, Molly & Micah Bowen, Friends of Wimberley Parks, Gina and Tom Fulkerson, Rebecca and Don Minnick, and Teresa Shell and Scott See. Additional planters are available for sponsorship by calling the City of Wimberley at 512-847-0025.