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Sign Permit Application

  1. Sign Permit Application (one application per sign)
    Sign Application Fee
  2. Price
  3. Incomplete or blank applications will not be accepted. One application per sign.

  4. Duration
  5. If the applicant is not the property owner, attach a letter from the property owner authorizing the installation of the sign.

  6. Type
  7. If mounted on wall or other structure:
  8. Electric Sign?
  9. Lighting
  10. All lighted signs must comply with Wimberley lighting ordinance §4.09.

    If Electrical: Permit is Required, and Inspections will be performed to comply with Section §4.08 of Sign Ordinance Code.

  11. Other signs on property?
  12. Attach drawings of property with measurements, including projection from mounting surface, building location, sign location, right-of-way lines. Include elevation views, sign wording and description/samples of sign color scheme. If the Applicant currently has an off-premises sign(s), attach a sheet showing the location of any such signs.

    No sign shall be installed without a permit. Signs installed prior to permit being issued will be subject to additional fees and charges and/or possible removal of sign.

  13. Applicant warrants that the information provided herein is true and correct and agrees to erect/install the sign as described and submit with any changes required by ordinances. Any changes during or after installation must be approved by the city. Applicant certifies that sign lighting complies with Wimberley lighting ordinance §4.09.

  14. Fee Schedule per Sign Size
    • Up to 12 Square Feet: $25
    • Up to 16 Square Feet: $35
    • Up to 24 Square Feet: $45
    • Up to 32 Square Feet: $60
    • Up to 48 Square Feet: $75
    • Up to 64 Square Feet: $100

    Other than banners erected under the City's Annual Commercial Banners intended to promote sales or special event promotion, which are erected on a temporary basis and no more frequently than 8 times per year, and for no more than 14 consecutive days, and are otherwise in compliance with this ordinance, may be displayed under an annual permit, after the payment of an annual fee of $250. If you have any questions, please contact Public Works / Building Department at 512-648-2405.

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