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Septic Open Records Request

  1. Please be advised, we have 10 business days to comply with your request.
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  3. Legal Description
  4. If not in a subdivision, must provide original owner’s name.

  5. Survey/Abstract Name and Acreage

  6. Status of Information
  7. For City Completion Only
  8. Cost Estimate

    An estimate of costs to copy the information you requested is provided below. This estimate has been calculated from anticipated charges indicated on the City Fee Schedule. Actual cost may be higher or lower than the cost estimate. Please indicate your desire to proceed with this request by checking one of the boxes below, signing, dating, and returning the form to the City Administrator at City Hall.

    Note: Cost Estimates that exceed $100 require a deposit before a request can be processed.

  9. Do you wish to proceed?
  10. Actual Cost

    The cost of copying the information you requested is provided below. The cost has been calculated based on the total charges indicated in the City fee schedule. Payments may be made either by cash or check made payable to the City of Wimberley.

  11. Submit All Septic Requests To:

    Environmental Health Inspector

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