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Temporary Structure

  1. Temporary Structure
    Temporary Structure Application
  2. Price
  3. (If different from above)
  4. Will the temporary structure be served by electricity?
  5. Will the temporary structure be served by water service?
  6. If “Yes” to either then an inspection is required for water and/or electrical service.
  7. Permission from property owner is attached
  8. Has a Mobile Food Establishment application been submitted?
    • Temporary Structure Permit: $25 for each structure
    • Inspections: $65 each

    By filling in my name, I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct and that if any of the information provided is incomplete or incorrect the permit may not be issued or may be revoked by the City of Wimberley. I understand that all temporary structures or accessory uses shall be removed from the property at the expiration of the time period as defined in the permit unless another Temporary Structure Permit is obtained prior to expiration. I understand that a Certificate of Occupancy may be required, and contractor information will be provided if applicable. Adequate parking, restroom, setback, and additional requirements per City Ordinance Number 2012-007 and Ordinance Number 2016-007 will be verified by City staff.

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