What do I need for a pool permit?

Please note not all Zoning districts permitting use allow for a pool.

Below is a checklist of required documents for all pool submittals.


  • Site Plan* showing all existing structures and proposed Pool location.
  • Swimming pool, spa, and hot tub construction plan and specifications shall include dimensioned plans for all decks, mechanical equipment, and fencing.
  • Structural Plan must include:

o Type of construction (granite, poured concrete, etc.)

o Dimensions of pool, including depth and adequate cross-sections drawn to scale.

o Pool edge details.

  • Mechanical Plans must indicate:

o The volume, system flow rate in gallons per minute, and turnover in hours.

o The type and size of filtration.

o The type and size of pool/spa heater.

o The pool/spa layout with all sizes shown and types of materials to be used, location of main outlet, surface skimmers, and inlets.

o The size and length from source to heater and routing of gas line, if applicable.

  • Pool Barrier details.

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