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Thank you for expressing your interest in teaching a class at the Wimberley Community Center. This form will take approximately 5-10 minutes and cover your proposed class, equipment requirements, supplies, and some brief biographical information about you or your organization.

Wimberley Community Center Class Application

  1. Put yourself in the students’ shoes. What will students get out of the class? Why should they take this class? 

  2. Is this class for youth, adults, seniors, or all ages?*
  3. Is this a re-occurring program/ class? Ex). The third Tuesday of every month or this is a one-time class.

  4. Ex). 10am - 11am

  5. (Sink, Projector, Computer Access, Audio Equipment, Tools, etc.)

  6. New Instructor? Please provide two references. Must include references name and phone number. Please note, references may be contacted.
  7. Contact

    If you have any questions or wish to speak to a staff member, please contact our Program Manager Nik at nfarrell@cityofwimberley.com. Once you complete a form, we will reach out and schedule a meeting to go over your proposed program/ class. Thank you!

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