Oak Wilt

Symptoms of Oak Wilt on Live Oak LeavesThinking of trimming your oak trees? If so, then please consider taking some time to inform yourself about the devastating tree disease known as Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt is an infectious tree disease caused by a fungus that has already killed thousands of oak trees in the central Texas area. The disease is spread by beetles that land on wounded or recently prunes oak trees. Infected trees can spread the disease rapidly through oak root systems and most trees usually die if they are not treated quickly by a qualified arborist. This can affect aesthetics, decrease property value, and be expensive to manage.

The best way to prevent oak wilt is to refrain from pruning trees between February and June as this is when the beetles that transmit the disease are most active.


For more information on preventing, identifying, and managing the spread of Oak Wilt, we recommend the following: