Birds & Wildlife

Want to support birds and other wildlife in the Wimberley Valley? It's important to us too! That's why we are sharing some great ways to partner with your friends and neighbors to protect wildlife in our community. 

  • Cats Indoors - Did you know that outside of the house, cats are considered a non-native invasive species and are a major threat to birds and other wildlife. Billions of bird deaths every year are attributed to free roaming feral cats. To be better stewards of the environment, the City of Wimberley encourages its residents to keep their cats indoors.
  • Bird Safe Glass - Glass collisions kill vast numbers of birds in the United States each year. Yet most Americans know little about this danger, and even fewer are aware of the solutions available to help prevent these deaths - fixes that in many cases are easy and inexpensive.
  • Plants for Birds - Thinking of doing some landscaping? Consider only using native plants around your home. Native plants provide habitat and food for insects and wildlife. They also require less water!
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