Municipal Court

Official court proceedings are held at the Hays County Precinct 3 Building on the first Wednesday of every month, beginning at 9 am. Only those currently scheduled on the official Court docket will be heard on that date.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a neutral, courteous, and fair forum for the trial of all Class C misdemeanor offenses arising under Texas civil and criminal statutes and city ordinances. The judge of this Court is appointed by the City Council of the City of Wimberley to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution, the Texas Constitution and the laws of Texas.

The three separate but equal branches of government are the Executive Branch (City Administrator and all departments including the police); the Legislative Branch (City Council); and the Judicial Branch (Municipal Court). The Municipal Court and its officers represent the Judicial Branch of the City of Wimberley government.

This Court and its officers are dedicated to the principles of impartiality, fairness, integrity, separation of powers, and judicial independence. These are the principles upon which our country was founded and to which the Court is committed in its role as the Judicial Branch of this local government.



The amount of any fine is subject to increase after the appearance date on the citation.

Please be advised there is a 5% convenience fee on every credit card transaction.

Monthly Reports

Legal Help/Warning

Visit the Texas Court Help (PDF) to receive help with a legal problem.

Warning: It is a crime to intentionally file a fraudulent court document or instrument (Section 51.904 Government Code).